Most CEOs believe that complex change is their most pressing issue, and that incremental improvements are no longer sufficient.  Historically, organizations have headed to “big-box” consulting firms for help; still most change programs (70%) fail.

These failures often lead to over-dependence on outsiders, loss of control, and a lack of participant ownership.  However, through experience the sophistication and change capabilities of organizations has grown.

Have you decided that a major change is required, but don’t want a large, external consulting team to drive it?  Where do you go to get specific, proven resources?

We see an increasing number of companies turning to self-directed change programs.

Just as today’s workforce is more open and able than ever before, the new marketplace of experience is much more efficiently accessed through a network of collaborative experts.   Kiva Partners provides senior talent, each focused on their unique area of expertise, to specific change program needs.