“Execution of strategic change” – big words, but what do they really mean?  We believe it entails aligning or changing behaviors and infrastructure to deliver the results critical to your business success.

Our clients have typically formulated their long-term business strategy, and have decided that change is necessary in one or more areas.  Examples of their critical objectives include:

  • Design a comprehensive plan to fully integrate multiple, complex initiatives.
  • Establish change as a core competence for the organization, and build the corresponding capabilities required to successfully respond to the marketplace.
  • Assess and respond to the implications of emerging technology on business strategy and operations.
  • Standardize and utilize core work processes that continually improve performance.
  • Introduce new business models within the existing organization, especially to leverage innovation.
  • Conduct scenario/market assessments to refine decisions and select options.
  • Develop creative alliances with clients, competitors, and partners in order to
    • change the “rules of the game”
    • select the “best of the best”

Kiva Partners is a management consulting service that provides an alternative relationship with Fortune 2000 firms in search of high-leverage, highly experienced consulting resources.  With a focus on creating value through smaller consulting teams and with greater client participation and knowledge transfer, the network is comprised of senior professionals who wish to work in their areas of expertise … and make a difference for their clients.